Rediscovering my Land and Local Food

Originally posted by Slow Food Foundation By Chef Ska Mirriam Moteane The last six years have been incredible for me, even if it began with a tragedy: the passing of my mother in 2009. This terrible moment served as a kind of alarm bell. I was working for a food company in South Africa, I hadContinue reading “Rediscovering my Land and Local Food”

Video: How to Make a Keyhole Garden

Set in Lesotho, this video shows a group of schoolchildren making a keyhole garden. The charity Send a Cow showed them how to make it and the children can now make their keyhole gardens at home and have more food. Keyhole Gardens are a great addition to any school grounds. The design – which looksContinue reading “Video: How to Make a Keyhole Garden”

Hope in Koalabata

By Lineo Segoete The word merry in “Merry Christmas” has been perverted to mean excessive lewd and riotous behaviour (never mind the toll it has on the wallet). Truth is regardless of our varied religious orientations what puts the merry in Christmas is the opportunity to be selfless and express love unconditionally. For Thato Child and YouthContinue reading “Hope in Koalabata”