Working to foster a community of young people in Lesotho who are skilled, inspired, motivated and socially conscious.

The only initiative of its kind in Lesotho, The Hub is a creative technology lab that seeks to take a creative, collaborative and participatory approach to raising awareness and seeking solutions to social issues.

Digital Arts for Change



Our young filmmakers have the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. We work at the intersection of arts and activism by documenting some of Lesotho’s most important social movements and issues.

We have created short films on diverse socio-economic issues, including gender equality, GBV (Gender-Based Violence), Covid-19, mental wellbeing, corruption and its effects on society, and more.

We have showcased our work through several exhibitions in partnership with the Alliance Francaise de Maseru, the European Union, Vodacom Lesotho Foundation and others.



We facilitate workshops on storytelling through photography. We encourage our young photographers to support changemakers in the country through documentation.



Armed with plasticine and coloured card, our animation team builds detailed and colourful stories that have strong visual appeal and meaningful messages.

We have produced claymations that deal with diverse topics, including littering, Basotho culture, access to education, gender inequality and bullying in schools. We have also produced digital animation on Covid-19, GVB and more.


Art + Activism = Artivism

Artivism merges the worlds of art and activism, by any medium necessary. The Hub is creating open-source, multimedia educational content… read more.

Animation: Matsohong a Rona

A claymation to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our environment. What will Lesotho look like in 2050, if we continue on our path of destruction? The future is in our hands… watch video.

Fighting GBV with music

Our Emisang music project is a poetic call to action for us all to stand up and reverse the status quo of widespread Gender-Based Violence in Lesotho… watch video.

Photography: Climate Change

The Hub continues to provide environmental education in Lesotho and calling for collective transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet, our common home… read more.

Annual membership to The Hub costs M200 ($11), and gives access to all of the Hub’s resources and activities.

What our Members are saying

“I can proudly say that I now know what I want to do for the rest of my life and that is tell stories!”

Participant in Filmmaking Workshop

“I learned that it is up to us as youth to voice our opinions, because we are the future of this country and we have a right to say what we see in order to have a developed country.”

Participant in Human Rights Workshop

“I have discovered at Skills & Soup that it is so important to always
have a desire to learn”.

Skills & Soup participant

Let’s create change together.