The only initiative of its kind in Lesotho, The Hub is a creative technology lab that provides affordable access to computers, the internet, a library, and digital media training in Morija.

Our primary target is young people between the ages of 10-35, and through our various activities, we aim to foster a community of young people in Lesotho who are skilled, inspired, motivated and socially conscious.

In addition to being open for 5 days a week as a resource space, The Hub delivers a range of programs – including motivational talks, community events, and workshops on a range of subjects including: basic computer skills, photography, film making, animation, human rights, women’s rights, environmental awareness, writing skills and more.

Basotho youth face multiple socio-economic challenges, including political corruption, environmental degradation, poverty, gender-based-violence, an under-resourced education system, digital exclusion, and high levels of youth unemployment. These challenges have all been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Hub seeks to take a creative, collaborative and participatory approach to tackling these issues. We harness the power of digital arts for change – through awareness raising, documentation, storytelling and skills development.

The Hub is a project of, and is located at Morija Museum & Archives in Morija, Lesotho.

Read and download The Hub’s 2020 annual report.

Read and download The Hub’s 2021 annual report.

Read and download The Hub’s 2022 annual report.

What our Members are saying

“I am a part of this country and I can, and will create a change starting today.

Participant in Song Writing Workshop

“I am not a student, but I am self learning and I feel very motivated at The Hub.”

Anonymous survey

“It is important to be taught about social issues from a very young age.”

Participant in Song Writing Workshop

The Hub operates on a membership basis. Annual membership to The Hub costs M200 ($11), and gives access to all of the Hub’s resources and activities. We offer several opportunities throughout the year for sponsored memberships.

Let’s create change together.