Skills Session: Cooking Trout

We had fun on Saturday May 6, 2017 with Chefs Mikey Kamohelo Mathai and Neo Ramathebane learning four ways to cook trout, as well as a vegetable stir fry, mashed potatoes, wood fired oven cooked potatoes and flat bread. Trout is farmed in the highlands of Lesotho, as well as found wild in some the rivers,Continue reading “Skills Session: Cooking Trout”

Hope in Koalabata

By Lineo Segoete The word merry in “Merry Christmas” has been perverted to mean excessive lewd and riotous behaviour (never mind the toll it has on the wallet). Truth is regardless of our varied religious orientations what puts the merry in Christmas is the opportunity to be selfless and express love unconditionally. For Thato Child and YouthContinue reading “Hope in Koalabata”

A Vegan Diet (Hugely) Helpful Against Cancer

If you’re anything like me, the “C” word leaves you trembling. But today there is very good news to report: Research suggests you can improve your odds of never getting cancer and/or improve your chances of recovering from it. Not with a drug or surgery, although those methods might be quite effective. This is allContinue reading “A Vegan Diet (Hugely) Helpful Against Cancer”