The Forgotten Kingdom trailer

The trailer for the film The Forgotten Kingdom, which was filmed in Lesotho and South Africa in 2011 has been released! The film has already played at a few U.S. based film festivals this year is gaining praise and awards. Here is a review from Orlando Weekly: THE FORGOTTEN KINGDOM ★★★★★ There’s an authenticity growlingContinue reading “The Forgotten Kingdom trailer”

Stone Aged Souls

Stone Aged Souls is the reflection behind the mirror, the song before the composition, the story which can never be told. Formed in 2010 by visual artist Tawanda thebrownman Mhandu (Zim) and singer-songwriter Joel Karabo Elliott (USA/RSA), the Stone Aged Souls are an arts ensemble growing roots for the afrikan diaspora. Human becomings call to human beings toContinue reading “Stone Aged Souls”

An Arts Residency for Grammar School Children

For over 17 years, Grammy Award winner Bunny Hull (songwriter of Patti LaBelle’s classic “New Attitude,” among others) has been conducting music and writing workshops for children. Through her experiences, Bunny developed a highly acclaimed children’s book series called Young Masters Little Wisdom, and eventually mounted a one-time only performance piece called “Secrets of the Heart”Continue reading “An Arts Residency for Grammar School Children”