Women in Resistance exhibition coming to Morija

Did you get to see the Women in Resistance photo exhibition at Alliance Française de Maseru in May?

The exhibition, by French photographer Pierre-Yves Ginet, showcased different women from around the world who are in various ways fighting for equality, justice, dignity and survival. Portraits of Basotho women, taken by Lesotho-based photographer Meri Hyöky, were added to Ginet’s travelling exhibition.

In November the exhibition will be moving to Morija, where The Hub’s members will have a chance to add onto the exhibition with their work on Morija’s own Women in Resistance. Competitions will also be held with local schools based on the exhibition.

Although the exhibition has come to an end in Maseru, follow their Facebook page! They will continue to feature profiles from the exhibition until it re-opens in Morija.

See some of the portraits below:

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