Skills Session: Comic books

Big thanks to Douglas Holgate for spending time with us on Friday October 28 for a Skills Session on comic books. He is an Australian illustrator and comic book artist, our members were especially excited about his work on the Regular Show comic. After Douglas gave a presentation on his work, and showed us workContinue reading “Skills Session: Comic books”

Job-Ready Fridays continue at The Hub

In November 2015, The Hub begun a weekly series of workshops called ‘Job-Ready Fridays’. They feature special activities geared at providing members of The Hub with skills, motivation and inspiration. The day is split into two main sections: Skills Sessions┬ácover a wide range of topics, including financial literacy, entrepreneurship, goal setting, preparing for the worldContinue reading “Job-Ready Fridays continue at The Hub”

Introducing Job-Ready-Fridays at The Hub!

The Hub is happy to announce that in November 2015 we will be launching Job-Ready-Fridays! They days with special activities geared at providing our members with skills, motivation and inspiration! Job-Ready-Fridays will take place every Friday. The day will be split into two main sections: Skills Sessions will be held from 11am to 2pm. TheContinue reading “Introducing Job-Ready-Fridays at The Hub!”