Lekwere-kwere means you are ignorant

By Lineo Segoete I find it funny that migrants who have settled in a place longer than others have the audacity to reject and humiliate newcomers. Indeed the world has grown to become an unsavoury and forsaken place where one must always look over one’s shoulder in the quest for survival and security. We lookContinue reading “Lekwere-kwere means you are ignorant”

Hope in Koalabata

By Lineo Segoete The word merry in “Merry Christmas” has been perverted to mean excessive lewd and riotous behaviour (never mind the toll it has on the wallet). Truth is regardless of our varied religious orientations what puts the merry in Christmas is the opportunity to be selfless and express love unconditionally. For Thato Child and YouthContinue reading “Hope in Koalabata”

The common misconception

Written by Lineo Segoete It is common knowledge that relationships come with confrontations and flaring tempers. Offensive things are said and sometimes done, and often times we are challenged to find ways of salvaging our sanity and or the union itself. Conflict is an inevitable part of life, especially in relationships because personalities are boundContinue reading “The common misconception”

What it’s like to attend a Siyakhona mobile cinema community screening

Originally posted by Siyakhona Written by: Leila Hall It is a chilly Tuesday evening in Liphakoeng – a community perched on a hillside above the industrial zone of Ha Thetsane in Maseru. People are just getting home: many of them are workers in the nearby textile factories, and it is a long walk up theContinue reading “What it’s like to attend a Siyakhona mobile cinema community screening”

Villagers demand clean water

Originally posted in Lesotho Times By Ntsebeng Motsoeli MASERU — After an exhausting day in one of the textile factories in Ha-Thetsane, 47-year-old old Molise Malebo wearily trudges home late Tuesday afternoon. Walking alongside him are hundreds of other workers who are too poor to afford the five maloti fare to catch a taxi homeContinue reading “Villagers demand clean water”