Lesotho Film Festival at The Hub

The Hub hosted Lesotho Film Festival on November 23, 2022. We enjoyed watching local films about Bacha Shutdown, heritage in the Morija region, and more! The afternoon left us inspired to keep creating and telling stories from Lesotho.

Two of The Hub’s films are part of the festival this year:

Ke Batla Ho Bua by The Hub, directed by Liteboho Molato

Re Ipate Kae? by The Hub featuring Queen Mo, directed by Sehlabaka Rampeta

Thanks to Lesotho Film Festival for screening the following films at The Hub:

Two Countries by Motikoe Khiba

Siriti by Tšepiso Mahase

Motlalentoa by Katleho Monyako and Khotso Monyako

Mitsa by Moleboheng Khothatso

Soul Connected by Ayesha Khuele

To find out more dates and locations for free film screenings, follow this link!

Thanks to The Hub Team for making the event a success!