Villagers demand clean water

Originally posted in Lesotho Times By Ntsebeng Motsoeli MASERU — After an exhausting day in one of the textile factories in Ha-Thetsane, 47-year-old old Molise Malebo wearily trudges home late Tuesday afternoon. Walking alongside him are hundreds of other workers who are too poor to afford the five maloti fare to catch a taxi homeContinue reading “Villagers demand clean water”

Basotho Voices: Human Security

Basotho Voices: Human Security, gives the floor to a diverse range of citizens from Lesotho. Basotho express their views on issues related to Human Security, a concept which entails the right of people to live in freedom and dignity, free from poverty and despair. All individuals are entitled to freedom from fear and freedom fromContinue reading “Basotho Voices: Human Security”

Southern Africa: Pushing the boundaries of gender equality

Written by Colleen Lowe Morna Source: Gender Links Maputo, 20 February: Last week I sat in an air-conditioned room at the Polana Hotel going through a long to-do list, wondering if I had nothing better to do than listen to government officials making wordy statements about gender equality. Like the head of any gender NGO, my mindContinue reading “Southern Africa: Pushing the boundaries of gender equality”