MIL Connect

From October 24-28, 2022, The Hub partook in MIL Connect, a collaborating event organised by DW Akademie, including a Media and Information Literacy (MIL) exchange, lively discussions, an MIL exhibition and creation of MIL products aimed at addressing the need for MIL education in the SADC region.

DW Akademie has been working with The Hub and other partners in Namibia and SADC to make MIL education accessible to youth from all corners of the region, as we believe it to be critical competencies to navigate through today’s information eco-systems.

The week also included the launch of an open-source MIL Content Hub, a website created by DW Akademie and a group of organisations including The Hub from SADC countries that are passionate about empowering our citizens with Media and Information Literacy skills.

We strongly believe that MIL skills will enable the citizens of our countries and communities to make informed decisions that can enrich and better their lives. We therefore strongly advocate for MIL in our societies. We have developed and tested a wide variety of educational MIL material, using the expertise within our organisations.

Are you at school or university?

and you want to understand where ‘news’ comes from? Or do you have questions about the social media you use: how safe is it? Or how you can better use your social media to share ideas and activities with friends and classmates?

Are you a teacher, or an educator?

planning for a project and want information about the mechanisms behind news and information, and social media? Do you need interactive class sessions about news, information, and social media? Are you looking for playful yet insightful activities for your classes about Media and Information Literacy?

Are you an organisation that works with Media and Information?

that advocates for freedom of speech, for the right to access information, for Internet safety, etc. and you are looking for campaign ideas based on Media and Information Literacy principles?

The Media and Information Literacy Content Hub offers you a range of resources that will assist you with these questions.

Visit the MIL Content Hub!