‘Ke Batla Ho Bua’ Wins at Lesotho Film Festival

Ke Batla Ho Bua, a short film produced by The Hub in 2021, won the award for Best Short Film at Lesotho Film Festival in December 2022! The Hub hosted Lesotho Film Festival in November.

Ke Batla Ho Bua tackles the scale and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and how difficult it was for children to cope with. Many were left feeling afraid, lonely, anxious, and concerned for their future. They had questions, and were looking to adults to set good examples and help them through the difficult time. Watch the film below:

The film stars Tokelo Molato, a 9-year-old rapper, actor and dancer from Morija. Tokelo started rapping at the age of 5 by imitating his older brother, Liteboho’s songs. From an early age, Tokelo enjoyed watching cartoons and childrens’ films, and imitating the characters while watching. His brother introduced him to acting and rapping.

Tokelo has been an actor in short films and performed in some of The Hub’s music projects and events. He is also a participant of Skills & Soup at The Hub.

Tokelo hopes to study performing arts when he grows up, and The Hub aims to support him in finding a scholarship for his studies outside of Lesotho. Contact The Hub if you are interested in supporting Tokelo!

Many thanks to the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa for supporting the production of Ke Batla Ho Bua, and to Tokelo for his stellar acting work, as well as Liteboho Molato, Tsebo Makakole, and Selebalo Molefe for voiceover recording, film directing, cinematography and editing!

Below is a retweet of Tokelo in Nthoe Tjena by The Hub, re-Tweeted by Nasty C with 17,500 views: