Small march is a big step for LGBTI in Lesotho

By: Leila Hall Originally posted on OSISA website. A small group of young Basotho are singing and chanting as they make their way down Kingsway – the main street that runs through the centre of Maseru, Lesotho’s capital city. At first glance, this is not an unusual sight. They sing familiar, well-known songs – theContinue reading “Small march is a big step for LGBTI in Lesotho”

Eating As Though the Environment Mattered

By Bruce Friedrich Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives, Farm Sanctuary Originally posted in Huffington Post Imagine taking 6-20 plates of food and dumping them in the trash, perfectly fresh and edible. Off they go to the landfill. Obviously, none of us would behave so wastefully. And yet that’s precisely the effect each time any of usContinue reading “Eating As Though the Environment Mattered”

Don’t get raped

Written by: Lineo Segoete What could be as beautiful as a flower (sight), wear the most fragrant aromas as in the early stages of spring (smell), bear the softness and delicacy of a petal (touch), sing the sweetest song under swift and violent breezes (sound), what could it be that is as juicy and delectableContinue reading “Don’t get raped”

Southern Africa: Pushing the boundaries of gender equality

Written by Colleen Lowe Morna Source: Gender Links Maputo, 20 February: Last week I sat in an air-conditioned room at the Polana Hotel going through a long to-do list, wondering if I had nothing better to do than listen to government officials making wordy statements about gender equality. Like the head of any gender NGO, my mindContinue reading “Southern Africa: Pushing the boundaries of gender equality”