March Weekend Workshop: Women’s Rights & Gender Based Violence

The weekend workshop for March on Women’s Rights and Gender Based Violence wrapped up yesterday afternoon at The Hub. Over the two days Human Rights Lawyers Mats’eliso Khesa and Mpho Maema of Women’s Law Clinic broke down a number of issues facing communities in Lesotho.

Founded by Advocate Mpho Maema in 2016, Women’s Law Clinic is an NGO that tackles Human Rights issues in Lesotho. Women’s Law Clinic has done advocacy work toward advancing women’s rights such as inheritance and property issues, LGBTI rights, and sensitization of police on the issues. Their outreach work also takes them to the most rural parts of Lesotho, where poverty and lack of information affect the quality of life for many people.

Next weekend workshop will take place April 22-23, when we host Patrick Rorke who will teach animation. Interested in taking part? Sign up at The Hub!

The Hub’s Weekend Workshops are supported by Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa and Anthony Maeder.