Round table discussion on gender with YALI

On Thursday July 27 2017, Hub volunteer Ts’episo Mahooe and Hub member Tsebo Makakole took part in a round table discussion on gender with Young African Leaders Initiative Network at The American Corner (State Library) in Maseru. This “opening up” session featured first hand experiences of men opening up and communicating their dilemmas, anxieties, vulnerabilities and other issues related to masculinity.

Read what they had to say about their experience:

“It was a mind opening discussion. I became aware during the discussion of things that are part of my day to day life, that are ones leading to gender based violence. Most men hate it when they are insulted by their “mothers” but they do not feel bad insulting their wives, which makes it hard to understand why it’s happening.

It is important that women fight for their rights and to reach equality, but men should not be left out of the discussion. If men understand what women are fighting for, they are less likely to be against it.

The issue of gender equality should be first taught at home, because that is where children learn about most of the things they know, and then from home to schools.”

Big thanks to Selibeng sa Thuto Trust for supporting the travel to learning opportunities such as this one.