Hub Talks

Hub Talks are monthly motivational talks that bring a range of professionals, creative practitioners and activists to The Hub and Skills & Soup. With support from Selibeng sa Thuto Trust in 2023, Hub Talks aim to inspire our participants to stand up for human rights and become active and engaged citizens, and open their eyes to a variety of career paths.

The Hub has been hosting these motivational talks in Morija since 2015. Some recent Hub Talks have hosted:

In an effort to extend the reach of the talks, and thanks to the experience gained by our host Maly Mohanoe at the NXT Podcast Bootcamp, in 2023 we launched the Hub Talk Podcast!

The podcast is made possible with support from Selibeng sa Thuto Trust and the Namibia Media Trust.

The episodes can be streamed on Spotify, and downloaded from Soundcloud: