World Cleanup Day 2022

To commemorate World Cleanup Day 2022, we brought our 100 Skills & Soup participants for tours at Pheha Plastic in Morija.

Our theme for 2022 was ‘REFUSE’, ‘REDUCE’ and ‘RECYCLE’, especially for single use plastic, and thinking about a future where we don’t need cleanup campaigns.

Although Skills & Soup participants have been participating in environmental education, the tours allowed the participants to experience recycling hands-on, and see waste transform into a valuable item.

Through the tours, the participants gained a deeper understanding of the potential of a circular economy in our community. Increasing awareness of the value of recycled plastic can help reduce the amount that ends up in our rivers, and eventually the ocean.

Special thanks to Pheha Plastic for hosting us all week, and to Glasswaters Foundation for their support! Big thanks also to Vodacom Lesotho Foundation and European Union in Lesotho for sponsoring incredible prizes for our participants, given out as rewards for good participation and answering difficult questions about what they have learned!

The Hub’s experience with cleanup campaigns: