Weekend Workshop: Storytelling

From October 14-15, The Hub hosted Lineo Segoete for a weekend workshop on storytelling. Day one started with a brainstorm with participants on ideas, who then created timelines of their own stories, and shared them for feedback. From there, participants started developing their own stories while working in groups, and received feedback from Lineo on their first drafts.

Day two started with participants working on finishing their stories. Part of their work was doing research to make sure that their facts were correct, and getting feedback from Lineo. Participants then read a part their stories out in front of everyone, before splitting into smaller groups to practice reading out loud. There was a noticeable difference when the participants came back in front of everyone to read their entire stories. The lessons learned this weekend will help our members in many fields – from self-confidence, reading, writing, to visual storytelling like film making and photography. We are incredibly proud of all of them for having the courage to share their writing!

Many thanks to Lineo for spending the weekend with us and sharing her knowledge! We would also like to thank Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa and Anthony Maeder for their support of our weekend workshops, and Cafe Mojo for the fabulous job they do of keeping us fed all weekend!

Photos from the weekend workshop: