Maya Azucena and Morija Cypher

Saturday September 24.9, 2016 The Hub hosted a day of music in the Morija Museum Amphitheatre.

The day started with award-winning American singer/songwriter Maya Azucena and her band holding a motivational talk for Morija youth, in partnership with U.S. Embassy Maseru. The talk was followed by a free performance, with special guest Bhudaza. Hosted by the U.S. Embassy Maseru, Maya and her band were in Lesotho for one week to help celebrate 50 years of partnership between United States and Lesotho.

In the afternoon the Morija Cypher took over the amphithteatre. Young artists in Morija had a chance to share the stage with some of Lesotho’s top hip hop artists. Massive thanks to Meloh, Sadon, O.G. S’killz, Mookho, Kislev, AP General, Sensi Rankin for coming through! The cypher was made possible by the support of Morija Museum, and by Ragga Vybz, big thanks to them for bringing so many artists to Morija who the youth look up to! It made Saturday a very special day for us and the young people of Morija.

Photos from the day: