Photography Workshop with Joël Tettamanti

We would like to thank Joël Tettamanti, Alliance Française de Maseru and Pro Helvetia for a fantastic three day photography workshop!

Joël is a professional photographer from Switzerland, in  Lesotho for his upcoming exhibition ‘Kobo’, which opens at Alliance Française de Maseru on Friday September 23. He photographs slowly and extremely precisely, using a large-format camera with a tripod, frequently very long exposure times and conventional 4 x 4-inch colour negative material.

The group got to see some of his photography from around the world, and images from ‘Kobo’. The participants will also get to travel to Maseru for the opening of the exhibition.

Congratulations to Keketso Mohola for winning the best photo for her series of three images! Her prize was a cap from Basutoland Ink. Thanks to them for their support of our work at The Hub.

Keketso’s photo series:

More photos by participants in the workshop: