The Women In Resistance exhibition is up!

The Women In Resistance exhibition is up! Officially opening tomorrow, Wednesday March 30 at Morija Museum & Archives.

In February, eleven members of The Hub were trained in the basics of portrait photography and journalistic writing. They worked in pairs to photograph and interview six inspiring women in Morija. These six profiles have now been added to the original WIR exhibition.

We are so proud of the work done by our students!

In April and May 2016, Primary and High Schools will be invited to bring classes for guided tours of the Women In Resistance exhibition. Tours will be available in English and Sesotho. An essay writing competition will be held for High School students based on the exhibition.

Special thanks for all the support we have received from Vodacom Lesotho Foundation, we could not do this work without their help.

Any questions or enquiries about the tours should be directed to The Hub (+266) 5888 8387 or [email protected].


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