iEmpowerment coming to The Hub


In the developed world almost everyone has access to high speed internet, allowing access to all the incredible education and opportunities on the internet. Get programs like the Khan Academy complete  video learning  library, Wikipedia, access to  tens of thousands of shareware books and millions of how to videos on YouTube are used people around the world every day.

In Africa, it is a very different situation, yes, undersea fiber optic networks  now surround Africa and  connect  to  almost every major city in Africa,  where some now enjoy the same speed and quality as the developed world. For rural Africa, it is a different story, the internet is  there, but it is delivered over the cellular network. This model is beginning to allow all access to the internet, but for the download of HD videos and access to training libraries like the Khan Academy it is simply too expensive for most.

iEmpowerment has done something about this by creating economical technology on a 64 GB memory stick that holds thousands of videos, educational- and training programs.  Think of it as the internet, without the internet. You can also view the iEmpowerment  training and skills development programs and  the educational and healthcare  programs by following the links.

The Hub is adding the iEmpowerment library to its resources, and in April Christian Schmidt and Teboho Lenyora will be delivering a Job-Ready Friday Skills Session to our members on how to use it as a resource.

For more information about iEmpowerment, please visit their website: