The Hub profiles Morija’s Women In Resistance

With continued support from Vodacom Lesotho Foundation, The Hub is implementing a number of activities geared at engaging its members and young learners from schools in and around Morija around the theme of the Women In Resistance exhibition.

The Hub ran photography and writing competitions in January 2016 to select members who are participating in this project. The selected participants are working in pairs to profile 6 women in Morija who are doing important and inspiring work in their community.

In February, the selected participants have taken part in three intensive photography and journalism workshops to sharpen their skills and to guide them through the process of producing high-quality written and visual portraits. The 6 final portraits will be hung up together with the original Women In Resistance exhibition on March 30.

The exhibition will be up for two months (April and May), and during this time The Hub will send an open invitation to primary and high schools in and around Morija to come for guided tours of the exhibition and to have their students partake in a range of activities designed to engage young learners around the themes of the exhibition. Learners from high schools will be given the opportunity to partake in an essay writing competition.