SADC Production Lab

From March 20-24, 2023, The Hub joined DW Akademie and 11 other organisations from 8 SADC countries for a week-long production lab in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The aim of the week was to produce media and experiment with new forms of conveying relevant information and:

  • Share engaging media messages, experiment with new media formats and techniques that fit the needs and interests of our respective target groups.
  • Exchange our expertise and skills in planning, designing, and producing media to be able to respond swiftly to emerging developments in freedom of expressions, access to information and civic participation as well as to shape the public dialogue about these issues meaningfully.
  • Explore options to produce powerful media messages collaboratively from different corners of the Southern Africa region.

Media and Information Literacy (MIL) is essential because it helps people understand the messages that are being communicated to them. With so many sources of information today, media literacy can help people identify reliable sources and filter through the noise to get to the truth.

One of the media messages produced by The Hub, together with Amnesty International and adapted from a poster by Amplifier, took on Human Rights and Freedom of Expression in Climate Justice:

The message conveyed in the graphic became more relevant when one of the participants, Moses Kaunda from the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Public Trust in Malawi, showed video of the shocking devastation recently left by Cyclone Freddy.

It is well acknowledged that across the globe, people who have the least role in causing the climate crisis are bearing the brunt of it, and unfortunately, climate justice is not talked about enough.

– Eric Njuguna, Youth Climate Justice Organizer

In sub-Saharan Africa, the impacts of the climate crisis are felt by society’s most marginalized people, where environmental destruction exacerbates economic and social inequalities already present in the region.

Open Society Foundations

Change affects us all, but not equally. So far, during climate negotiations, wealthier governments are only willing to discuss small steps to reduce emissions – justice is not on their agenda. #climatejustice

– Amnesty Africa

Amnesty’s Human Rights Academy is training a new generation of human rights defenders – strengthening the human rights movement through action oriented education. It offers a free online course on Climate Justice. Join now! By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Detail how climate change is a major human rights issue 
  • Define and express key terms and concepts related to human rights and climate change 
  • Outline the numerous inequalities of climate change, including their causes and consequences across regions and demographics
  • Critically evaluate both the mutual supportiveness and possible tensions between human rights and climate change action
  • Differentiate between different types of climate change response measures that protect and promote human rights
  • Identify human rights-based mechanisms, tools and tactics to shape climate action
  • Analyze state and corporate responsibilities in tackling climate change 
  • Challenge the hostility and antagonism faced by environmental human rights defenders and explain why their work is crucial
  • Build connections between the human rights and climate justice movements
  • Take action to promote human rights and climate justice

Do you want to learn more about MIL? For open-source MIL content, visit the MIL Content Hub. The Hub is part of a group of organisations from SADC countries that together with DW Akademie are passionate about empowering our citizens with open-source MIL content. We strongly believe that these skills will enable the citizens of our countries and communities to make informed decisions that can enrich and better their lives. We therefore strongly advocate for MIL in our societies!

We’re grateful to DW Akademie for inviting The Hub to take part in the SADC Production Lab!