MiLLi* at The Hub

From March 18-31, 2019, The Hub hosted Namibia’s leading Media and Information Literacy Learning Initiative – MiLLi* – for Summer School. 8 participants were certified as MiLLi* facilitators, and led their first 3-day Youth Project workshop teaching Power to Empower, giving participants the chance to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge about the features and dynamics of social media:

  • Access and use various types of social media
  • Understand the role of media in society and critically assess it
  • Be aware of ethical standards of media output, research, and its presentation
  • Educate & Empower all members of society when it comes to information and knowledge
  • Be able to express ones opinion, share content, and spread news

The Hub now has two certified facilitators, with Sbi and Thabo taking part in the training. Ts’episo and Liteboho documented the workshop series with video, releasing a 30 second recap each day on social media. See the videos below:

Recap of Day 1

Recap of Day 2

Recap of Day 3

Recap of Day 4

Recap of Day 5

Recap of Day 6

Recap of Day 7

Recap of Day 8

Recap of Graduation Day


Many thanks to Blackspace and MiLLi* for the music in the above videos!