Our library is growing


The library at The Hub is growing!  We are quickly acquiring a wide range of books on activism, the arts, photography, film-making, history, poetry and fiction. Our library is integral to our core aims of encouraging curiosity, artistic knowledge and an interest in social activism among our members.

In August 2016, MK Asante donated copies of his memoir ‘Buck‘ to The Hub. They will be used as the first reading material at WordPower, a  new literacy program launching at The Hub in September 2016.

The library also includes a digital library with music, films, documentaries, books, magazines, music videos, tutorials and more. They are stored on a hard drive that the computers access through our wireless network. The purchase of the hard drive was made possible by individuals who donated toward a crowd funding campaign, and by Friends of Lesotho.

All the books in the library are from individual donors. Special thanks to everyone who has donated books, and to Amanda Draper for contributing toward the expense of shipping books to Lesotho in August 2016. If you would like to donate books to our library, please contact us.