The Hub is fundraising for a Wireless Network Storage Drive


The Hub urgently needs a Wireless Network Storage Drive for our work and upcoming projects:

  • We currently do not have enough space on our computers for the large project files that will accumulate from digital media training workshops and from the creative work that our members will soon start to produce.
  • We only have seven laptops, and 40 members (a number that is growing fast). Our members move around from laptop to laptop depending on the availability of workspaces, and therefore do not have continuous access to the same laptop.
  • We have already begun to store on each individual computer a range of educational videos and material. However, storage space for such material on each laptop is limited.
  • We need a central data storage device that can be easily accessed by all our members. A 10 TB Wireless Network Storage Drive will provide us with extensive and easily accessible data storage space for project work and educational videos and material. All of The Hub’s computers will be connected to the Drive: our members will be able to access the files and information on the drive at any time. Members will also be able to save ongoing work onto the Drive and access this work at a later stage from any one of our computers.

Specifically, we are fundraising for a WD My Cloud EX2 10TB Wireless Network Storage Drive.

We would appreciate any donation, great or small, to contribute to our fundraising goal of $574.

The Drive will provide us with a much-needed central data storage device where our members can save ongoing project work and can easily access a range of files, including educational videos and material. Check out our Indiegogo campaign for more information or to make a contribution. Spread the word!

If you would like further information about The Hub or the fundraiser, don’t hesitate to contact us by email [email protected], or phone (+266) 58888387