Saturday March 28 – Open door at The Hub

Join us in the garden at Morija Museum & Archives on Saturday March 28th for a day of arts and open door at The Hub! While we wait for the official opening, this is your chance to see the space and get to know us!

The event will be complete with an art and animation exhibition proudly produced at Linotšing Studios in Morija and an open stage where everyone and anyone will be welcome to give a demonstration of their talents in music, dance, theatre and poetry, followed by a film screening in the evening.

Cafe Mojo will have their famous pizza on sale for guaranteed enjoyment as guests relax to the afternoon entertainment.

The event is free of charge however, guests will be requested to pay a slight fee of M30 to bring their cooler-boxes onto the museum premises. If guests want to braai, they are welcome to use the braai stands at MMA, but must provide their own charcoal.

For more information join the event on facebook –

or check out our facebook pages: or email us – [email protected]


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