Tatso Ea Setso – Taste of Tradition

On the 10th of December 2014, Flava of Africa and Africa’s Green Generation held a lunch in celebration of Terra Madre Day.

This celebration, named Tatso ea Setso – Taste of Tradition is part of a world-wide celebration to commemorate Terra Madre Day.

Terra Madre Day is a moment for the Slow Food network to highlight forgotten foods. Each year fruits and vegetables, animal breeds, cheeses, and methods of preparation disappear or are forgotten. The core message of the day is to celebrate local products, but mostly to highlight traditional foods and/or methods of preparation which are slowly disappearing or being forgotten.

Flava of Africa is a fundraising initiative aimed at raising funds to create a food appreciation movement that will reach every school, household and individual – to re-ignite the love for food, good food, home-grown food, organic food (litsoa-mobung) and encourage sustainability.

Africa’s Green Generation is an NGO that seeks to work hand in hand with communities to build Healthier, Greener and Cleaner communities.

Terra Madre loosely translated to Earth Mother is a project conceived by Slow Food as a result of its growth and development and its conviction that “eating is an agricultural act and producing is a gastronomic act.” Since Slow Food was founded, the importance of protecting and supporting small-scale producers has become increasingly clear.

Terra Madre was born to give them a voice and visibility, to raise awareness of the true value of their work, and provide them with the tools needed to be able to work in better conditions. This day is a Slow Food International global celebration of local food, and this year Lesotho will be celebrating with the rest of the world.

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