Ba Re E Nere Literature Festival

Ba re e nere was first dreamt up by Liepollo Rantekoa to promote the culture of reading/writing and the arts in Lesotho. Ba re e nere Literature Festival took shape in March 2011 as a month-long series of weekly events dedicated to topics of arts and literature. Liepollo brought her vision to life through an innovative blend of public conversations, film screenings, story telling performances, book readings and art installations. The event brought together writers, readers, students artists, publishers, creatives even ministers in conversations about how to promote and support the worlds of arts and literature in Lesotho. The event was received as a breath of fresh air as it encouraged Basotho to be active in engaging with literature, especially texts written in Sesotho, as a means to creatively express their own stories and contribute to the development of the nation.

After Liepollo’s tragic passing in 2012, her friends and family came together to carry on the work she began. They are dedicated to reviving Ba re e nere Literature Festival in early 2014 both in Liepollo’s honour and because they think her vision remains vital for the growth of Lesotho and the Basotho people. They hope Ba re e nere can continue to evolve with the support of all people who believe in the power of literature and creative thinking.

Ba re e nere Literature Festival will return in September 2014 with a rich programme of activities developed through feedback from Lesotho’s art’s community, offering the following activities:

  • Creative writing workshop
  • Panel discussions
  • Q & A with established writers and artists
  • Storytelling, poetry and music performances
  • Film screenings
  • Bookmaking
  • Photography exhibition and more

Visit the website for more information:

Ba Re E Nere

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