Africa’s Green Generation

Africa’s Green Generation (AGG) is a community based, environmentally friendly and sustainable NGO that seeks to address social and environmental issues in our country. AGG  is founded in Lesotho with its main office in Maseru.  We are currently operating in the Moshoeshoe II community and our ultimate aim is that our efforts can be a best practice that can be replicated throughout the country and the African continent at large.

AGG activities are Healthier, Greener and Cleaner!


Healthy MIND

  • Educational workshops (health education, healthy eating, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, responsible drinking, substance abuse, woman’s/human’s right).
  • Arts & Craft workshops (creation of educational materials (posters, pamphlets etc.) and recycled art.
  • Educational games (chess, monopoly, etc)
  • Educational drama by Moshoeshoe II Children
  • Social activities ( field trips to botanical gardens, museum ,other tourist attractions)

Healthy BODY

  • Sports : Community soccer team ( Coach Mpholo)
  • Exercise : Aerobics


  • Plant Hedge trees around the Moshoeshoe II Primary school fence
  • Plant vegetable patches at Moshoeshoe II Primary school and Playing Learning Together Day care centre ( Tyre gardens can be used for the Day care Centre)
  • Encourage planting of small patch gardens or keyhole gardens in all Moshoeshoe II community households, especially elderly households.
  • Beautification of the Anglican Church at Moshoeshoe II ( e.g., plant flowers)
  • Event Greening at events, (e.g. AGG event greening at Uprise Fundraising Concert held at Morija Museum.)


  • Community clean ups
  • Raising awareness about Proper waste Management in the community-REDUCE.REUSE.RECYCLE
  • Advocate for colour coded recycling bins ( can/bottles, paper/cardboard and glass)

Learn more about AGG on their new website:


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