Visit Morija!

We invite you to enjoy the rich history, arts & culture of the peoples of Lesotho. Whether you are from Lesotho, or Southern African or from another part of the global family, you will be welcome in Morija, Lesotho. Explore for yourself the wonders of this multi-faceted and unique heritage site. If you cannot come physically to Morija in Lesotho, then through the power of the internet you can still discover important information concerning the famous collections of Morija Museum & Archives, the works of Basotho artists, and learn more about various projects in the arts, culture, heritage management and community-based tourism.

Morija is the perfect place to explore Basotho culture. Visit the many attractions including Morija Museum & Archives, Maeder House & the Morija Arts Center, and the dinosaur footprints. Experience outdoor activities such as hiking, pony trekking, bird watching and mountain biking. Plus, Morija hosts the country’s annual Arts & Cultural Festival, an event you should not miss!

Visit for more information!

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