Lekwere-kwere means you are ignorant

By Lineo Segoete I find it funny that migrants who have settled in a place longer than others have the audacity to reject and humiliate newcomers. Indeed the world has grown to become an unsavoury and forsaken place where one must always look over one’s shoulder in the quest for survival and security. We lookContinue reading “Lekwere-kwere means you are ignorant”

All Shades of God

By: Lineo Segoete Morena Moshoeshoe said; ha fela u amohela Sesotho u Mosotho (so long as you adopt Sesotho-ways and customs- you are Mosotho). In this country no one is really a foreigner; everyone is welcomed with the same courtesy as a visiting cousin. Here, majority of white men and women of various national backgroundsContinue reading “All Shades of God”