Beat Making Lab

“Our mission is one of cultural exchange. We collaborate with cultural centers, connect youth to a global audience, and contribute equipment and training.” We are big fans of the North Carolina hip hop ensemble The Beast. MC of the group, Pierce Freelon is involved in a movement which is bringing knowledge and infrastructure of hip hopContinue reading “Beat Making Lab”

Khan Academy – A free world-class education

* for anyone anywhere (with access to high speed internet) Khan Academy is an organization on a mission. It is a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere. All of the site’s resources are available to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a student,Continue reading “Khan Academy – A free world-class education”

Basotho Voices: Human Security

Basotho Voices: Human Security, gives the floor to a diverse range of citizens from Lesotho. Basotho express their views on issues related to Human Security, a concept which entails the right of people to live in freedom and dignity, free from poverty and despair. All individuals are entitled to freedom from fear and freedom fromContinue reading “Basotho Voices: Human Security”

Africa’s Green Generation

Africa’s Green Generation (AGG) is a community based, environmentally friendly and sustainable NGO that seeks to address social and environmental issues in our country. AGG  is founded in Lesotho with its main office in Maseru.  We are currently operating in the Moshoeshoe II community and our ultimate aim is that our efforts can be a bestContinue reading “Africa’s Green Generation”

In Kenya, where one-in-four women has been raped, self-defense training makes a difference

Originally posted by The Smithsonian. One in four adolescent girls living in the congested slums of Nairobi, Kenya, falls victim to rape each year. An organization called No Means No Worldwide is trying to improve that disturbing statistic. According to one study the non-profit conducted, a short course in both verbal and physical self-defense can significantly improve the girls’Continue reading “In Kenya, where one-in-four women has been raped, self-defense training makes a difference”

Effective Delivery of Public Education Services

By: Mamoeketsi Ntho Originally posted on OSISA website. The government of Lesotho has made significant progress in increasing access to education, particularly at the basic-education level. In 2009, the primary net enrolment rate was already 80.9 percent, while the literacy rate among people under the age of 25 was close to 100 percent. Despite this,Continue reading “Effective Delivery of Public Education Services”

Eating As Though the Environment Mattered

By Bruce Friedrich Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives, Farm Sanctuary Originally posted in Huffington Post Imagine taking 6-20 plates of food and dumping them in the trash, perfectly fresh and edible. Off they go to the landfill. Obviously, none of us would behave so wastefully. And yet that’s precisely the effect each time any of usContinue reading “Eating As Though the Environment Mattered”

Kick4Life – Speak Out Lesotho!

Originally posted by Kick4Life on December 3, 2012. Every year, from November 25 to December 10, governments, NGOs and individuals worldwide take part in the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence – an international campaign which aims to raise awareness of the issue of gender-based violence. In Lesotho, sexual violence against women and girls is aContinue reading “Kick4Life – Speak Out Lesotho!”

The Youth Will Decide

Africa’s ‘Demographic Dividend’: The Youth Will Decide Africa is said to be reaching a demographic Goldilocks moment. Could this youth bulge lead to an African Spring? By Robert Bates originally posted in ThinkAfricaPress Africa’s age structure is said to be reaching its ‘Goldilocks moment’ where things are ‘just right’. Falling birth and mortality rates mean there are more peopleContinue reading “The Youth Will Decide”

An Arts Residency for Grammar School Children

For over 17 years, Grammy Award winner Bunny Hull (songwriter of Patti LaBelle’s classic “New Attitude,” among others) has been conducting music and writing workshops for children. Through her experiences, Bunny developed a highly acclaimed children’s book series called Young Masters Little Wisdom, and eventually mounted a one-time only performance piece called “Secrets of the Heart”Continue reading “An Arts Residency for Grammar School Children”