The Hub works at the intersection of digital arts and activism – using digital arts skills as tools for promoting social development, justice and equality. In 2020-2021 in partnership with OSISA, The Hub planned to hold Artivism concerts to support civic engagement, amplify community voices and foreground creativity as a way of addressing social issues.

The Hub’s Artivism events were originally planned to be held in the Morija Museum amphitheatre, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we tried something new and held the event online. An open call for submissions was made, and songs were judged on use of lyrics that take on human rights + socio-economic issues in Lesotho, and of course how the song was delivered. The competition was judged by a panel of artists.

The top 5 were invited to perform live via a Zoom event on May 19. Trer took away the number 1 prize, winning M1000, a chance to record his song and film a music video with The Hub! The rest of the winners were: 2nd place: Kong with M800 + recording. 3rd place: Skwendah with M500 + recording. 4th place: Leinad Wise with M200. 5th place: Q-Real with M200.

Look out for Trer’s music video for his song ‘Blame’ coming out in 2021! Some of our Skills & Soup participants got to watch the event screened in Morija and see Tokelo perform.

Big thanks to all the talented artists who submitted their music, don’t be surprised if we call you about future collaborations! Thanks also to the panel of judges: Sadon, L-Tore, Queen Mo: The first lady, Mochela Kafela, Thabelo Revelation Mokobori, Kot Inferno, Msoko Lara, PRIME ZEIK, Kardiac & Tokelo. Special thanks also to Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa for their support of Artivism and Vodacom Lesotho Foundation for keeping us online #KaeKapaKae!

MiLLi* in March 2021

In March 2021, The Hub partnered with MiLLi* to lead three Youth Projects on Power to Empower, capacitating youth with digital, media and information skills to create factual and meaningful content.

With MiLLi*, The Hub aims to empower young people to use social media to discuss social and economic development, to learn and teach others about Covid-19, Climate Change, Human Rights issues and more!

The Hub also ran a Power to Empower Youth Project via Whatsapp, simultaneously with facilitators in Namibia!

Look out for more MiLLi* workshops coming up in 2021!

Skills & Soup

In partnership with Glasswaters Foundation – and in response to Covid-19, schools closing, and food insecurity – The Hub implemented outdoor educational programming and a feeding scheme for children aged 8 and above between June–December 2020. Held twice weekly, Skills & Soup provided nutritious meals for 50 participants, as well as take home food rations and seeds for participants’ vegetable gardens. In addition to receiving meals, the children took part in Covid-19 awareness sessions, Maths & Science classes, and dance lessons. Thanks to the continued support of Glasswaters Foundation, the programming continues in 2021!

“I have learned how to go through information so that I know what are myths and what is correct, especially online”

– Participant in Skills & Soup

“After attending Skills & Soup I started enjoying life, and the lessons improved my maths and writing. Ntate Thejane made me like schoolwork.”

– Participant in Skills & Soup

“I have learned many things about Covid-19, now I know how to wear a mask and not touch my face. I like the food and I’m happy we got seeds to plant in our gardens.”

– Participant in Skills & Soup

Elders’ Covid-19 Education

In partnership with the British High Commission, The Hub delivered Covid-19 educational sessions for adults and elders in Morija and Matsieng between September – December 2020.

The sessions were held at existing gatherings – for instance, at pensioner paydays and society and savings groups. Our trained peer educators held a total of 32 sessions, reaching over 1000 participants. The sessions covered a range of topics related to Covid-19 awareness – including mask wearing, handwashing and social distancing – and also provided participants with the opportunity to ask questions.

“I learned about the importance of mask use and taking care of it, proper way of washing hands and danger of crowded places.”

– Participant in Elders’ Covid-19 Educational Programme

Weekend Workshop: Creative Writing

From October 10-11, 2020 The Hub hosted Leila Hall for a Weekend Workshop on Creative Writing. She led participants on writing exercises examining the various effects of Covid-19 on society in Lesotho.

On Day 2 participants developed their stories and poems around the theme of Covid-19 and its multiple effects on society and individual lives. They had the chance to share their pieces and give each other feedback. Many of the participants’ pieces were published in WordPower 2020!

We were joined at our weekend workshop by Alain Amstutz and Tšepang Mohloanyane, both medical professionals working with SolidarMed and Ministry of Health in Butha Buthe and Mokhotlong districts. On Sunday they gave the participants a chance to have a Q&A about Covid-19 in Lesotho. They busted some myths, talked about the importance of testing, vaccines in development, and told us about treating Covid-19 patients, helping to drive home the message about the reality of Covid-19 in Lesotho.

Big thanks to Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa for their support of weekend workshops at The Hub!