Ba re Lit Fest 2018

From January 12-13, members and volunteers of The Hub had fun at Ba re e ne re Literature Festival 2018.

On Friday January 12, we joined Storytelling with Film, a showing of three short films and conversation with the film directors:

“Words after the world: a film in progress” by Christian Nyampeta
“Monna oa motsamai” by Pheello “PJ” Makosholo
“Mosonngoa” by Lemohang “Jeremiah” Mosese and Hannah Stockmann

On Saturday January 13, we started with some of our members getting to take part in a writing workshop. The rest of the festival programme was divided up between interesting discussions, ending with a keynote by Mpho Letima. She talked about how instructors and learners can contribute to re-imaging the learning process so that it better responds to interests and concerns emanating from the people, heritage and landscape of Lesotho.

We also got to see a powerful performance by Morena Leraba, a Mosotho musician who fuses traditional Sesotho lyrics with modern sound, from Electro, Afro-House and Hip-Hop. Hear his music on SoundCloud:

Many thanks to the Ba Re team, and to Selibeng sa Thuto Trust for their support of our travel to learning opportunities like this.

Photos from the festival: