The Entrepreneurship Expo

On Thursday 17th November, The Hub volunteers spent the day at The Entrepreneurship Expo in Maseru. The event was organised by The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN), a platform of programs and initiatives aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship in Lesotho. The Expo featured a range of presentations, discussions and stalls where local entrepreneurs displayed their products and services.

Here is what The Hub volunteers had to say about their experience of the Expo:

“At the Expo I learnt to be open-minded, to stand out from the rest, to see an opportunity where others do not see it and to share my skills. I am willing to share my skills with other Hub members. My favourite speaker was Manthati Phomane: she was straight to the point, and she sees entrepreneurship as a skill, not just as a career.” — Mats’eliso Moruthane

“I learnt that as individuals we should be memorable: this means that we should have something unique about ourselves which people can pinpoint as good. We should believe in ourselves in anything we do before we act on it. We should make the best of any opportunity we get, as such opportunities do not come around very often. We should share what we’ve learnt with other Hub members: it is going to open their eyes, especially for those who can’t see a way forward, or who can’t see how much better Lesotho can be for them. We have a lot of skills as Hub members, but these are useless if we just learn skills without taking action. It’s high time that we use our photography and graphic design skills to make something big out of what we have at The Hub. My best speaker of the day was Manthati Phomane: she taught us how to pitch our business ideas, how to work hand-in-hand with other people, and how to make something big out of our partnerships. She also mentioned that there is no one who is shy; one is just being selfish. She did not point me out when she said this, but that talked to me privately, because I used to be kind of shy, but not anymore.” — Ts’episo Mahooe

“I thought that I was going to see foreigners leading at The Entrepreneurship Expo. I was very surprised to see a lot of Basotho, trying to support each other in businesses, trying to start their own thing locally. I’m really thankful for the access given to us to go to the Expo. I learnt that pitching is not easy at all. You have to make a good first impression, because there is no second chance. When you pitch an idea, you need to make sure that you explain the functionality of your company and the specialty of what you and your company can offer. You need to make people care about your ideas and make it easy for them to join you. You should tell them about the things you’ve already done and make them want more. Try to be direct and tell them exactly what you do. I will use every skill I learnt at the Expo, and also the things that I learnt at the other places we’ve been to as Hub volunteers. Dr. Thamae from the National University of Lesotho was my favourite speaker. I was very excited when he told us that they designed a machine that they are going to use to make their own brand of yoghurt, and that this would be the first yoghurt made in Lesotho.” — Thabo Mohloboli

“I was very happy to be at Expo. I learned how to be an effective entrepreneur, how to be a good pitcher, and why it is important to make a good pitch, especially when one is in a rush. I’m planning to motivate Hub members who are interested in entrepreneurship. I will encourage them to work hard, and will share the skills that I learnt at the Expo. Because I’m a facilitator I was inspired by ‘M’e Manthati Phomane in the morning workshop – she has amazing facilitation skills!” — Selebao Molefe

We would like to thank The Entrepreneurs Network and Tangerine Inc. for giving the volunteers access to the expo, and to Selibeng sa Thuto Trust for providing funding for our volunteers to travel to such events.

Photos from the day: