Morija Fun Day at the Museum

On May 1st 2014, Morija Museum & Archives (MMA) held a Fun Day for children and teenagers living in Morija. Schools in the town were invited to participate, and students were given free reign to prepare any performance of their choice. Young people of all ages, from under 5s to young adults, gathered to watch the wide variety of creative performances – ranging from traditional dances, to theatre skits, to contemporary dance pieces and poetry recitals. The event also included an interactive quiz which tested the young participants on their knowledge of Lesotho and its history.

Lineo Segoete, Events Management & Media Officer at MMA, explains where the idea for the event came from: “Many young people in Morija have talents, but they don’t have an outlet for it. This event was about trying to provide that outlet to young people.”

This is the second year in a row that the Fun Day has been held, and the event organisers are hoping that it will continue to expand and become an annual MMA event.

“We are hoping that in the future this event will be able to include more schools from the area,” says Segoete. “We’ll maintain some of the activities from this year, but we are always keen on innovation, so we’re hoping to also include new activities. We want to bring sponsors on board next year and we want to see this event grow.”

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