WordPower is The Hub’s weekly literacy program that targets teenagers and young adults above the age of 13. Both in- and out-of-school youth are engaged. The aim of the program is to foster a love of reading and writing amongst participants, and to strengthen overall reading, writing and linguistic skills. The majority of WordPower sessions are held in English, with some Sesotho. Participants are encouraged to read and write in both English and Sesotho.

With support from Selibeng sa Thuto Trust in 2017 ans 2018, WordPower magazines have been published as physical magazines. They feature short stories and poetry by young writers in Morija. The 2018 magazine was also published online by FunDza Literacy Trust, a literacy project that promotes digital reading and writing for a Southern African youth audience of more than 35,000 readers.

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WordPower 2017

WordPower 2018