‘Makhotso Phalima

Photography by: Tsebo Makakole
Writing by: Mpakoleng Monatsi-Mosito

‘Makhotso Phalima is a trained clergywoman and a committed community activist who has been living and working in Morija for the past seven years. After completing her studies at the Morija Theological Seminary of the LECSA church in 2005, she was assigned to one of the parish churches in Matelile. Then, in 2005 she was transferred to Morija LECSA.

As she grew up, her life was not at all easy. However, she was lucky that her struggles did not stand in the way of her success. When she completed high school, she found it worthwhile to sacrifice herself to take leadership in the Church of Christ. This is what made her decide to enroll at the Morija Theological Seminary. “I come from a Christian family, so the desire to serve the Lord persistently worked within me,” she says.

Her duties are to preach the word of God in and outside the Church, pray for the sick, offer counselling to the distressed and bring people to the Church.

Apart from her professional life, Phalima works with different groups of women in Morija who are engaged in community projects such as sewing, catering, rearing poultry and pork, and cooperatives that deal with issues of finance. Projects such as these aim to upgrade the living standards of families in Morija. “Amongst all, the savings and credit cooperatives that I am currently leading have been the most successful,” she adds.

Phalima’s work is not limited to the confines of the Church. She holds mini workshops on life skills, and is happy with the output as she observes remarkable behavioural changes in women, especially in their work of raising children and restoring family peace and stability. Furthermore, she proudly declares her work to be fruitful, for she observes an in-depth insight and understanding of the gospel in those whom she works closely with. In the years to come, she hopes to see oneness in spirit and worship and a strengthening of women power and solidarity in the community.

Phalima is a powerful young facilitator whose intention is to mobilise the society and bring about positive changes in people’s lives. Nevertheless, she still encounters some setbacks. She points out that one of the factors that holds back progress in her work is people who are busy because they are committed to full-time jobs. “Often, the attendance at the societies I am involved in is poor,” she says. “However, I am grateful that I get immeasurable support from my counterparts.”

All in all, Phalima is happy with the work that she does, for she has long reaped the benefits of her participation in community service. She remarks with a smile: “I receive lots of love and respect from people.”